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Sutwell Concepts

We Redesigned the World


Welcome to Sutwell Concepts

The name "Sutwell" emerged in 2007 as an award-winning design project centered around how to reduce the number of deaths of infants arising from feeding bottle contamination and improper mixing of the infant formula. This area of work was inspired by the unpleasant news that 1.5 million infants died annually from feeding bottle related ailments, most of which happens in the developing countries and disaster areas. The word “Sutwell” was actually coined from combination Danish word “sut” which means suckle or baby pacifier, and the English word “well” as shortening for wellness.

Today, Sutwell is undergoing metamorphosis resulting in being re-branded as the main identity of a UX-Design organization cum forum for making, learning, teaching and collaborating not only on infants well-being or green design, but also diversifying into other trending areas of human existence, such as: mobile technologies and the attendant GUI evolution; online business, entertainment, finance, education, and mentoring.

We are living in the era of change, which can alternatively be described as evolution of nations and people into another design era, where new ideas and concepts are either tested before application or force-fed into the society. Either way, there is no gainsaying that humans have been constantly designing and re-signing both physical artefacts arounds us as well as our cultural and social values. This fact about the influence of mankind on the creation and preservation of “life as we know it today”, while the struggle continues endlessly for the modification or complete replacement of said “life as we know it today” in certain quarters -the vicious cycle which inspires our motto: “We re-designed the world”, especially because re-designing the world takes more than one man’s effort. It requires collaboration, planning, research, testing, probes, prototypes, financing and succinct presentation -the very nucleus of any standard design process.

You are welcome to join us and participate in discussions, blogs, articles, quotes and researches, as they turn up day after day, towards the aim of creating better life for mankind via, sustainability, poverty-eradication, health tips, entertainment, improving work, play and more.

Our newest vision is to collaborate and assist everywhere possible to aid all and sundry to achieve business and innovation through user-involvement design of products and services. We believe that the best and most legitimate means for creating wealth is through business, so we encourage entrepreneurship, have participated and will continue to be involved in start-ups, networks and competitions in Denmark and internationally.