UX Design is the way!

Today and always, the concept and the field of UX-Design will continue to be of great value in the creation of User-friendly products and services.
To try to design without any genuine interest for the user, will always end in misfit product and or services, otherwise known as "bad design".
The field of UX-Design is becoming more and popular compared to say 20 years ago, or probably known by another name.
Throughout my journey as a UX-Designer, I have been privileged to partake in series of design projects, which would have ended in disaster if the user had not been involved at some point in the process.
Be it design of complex user-interface or a simple arrangement of chairs in the workplace, the spirit of UX-Design will always appear somewhere in the iterations leading to the final artifact or concept.
The beauty of UX-Design, as I see it, lies in the passion for doing something for the people with the people having a say in the creation of the "thing" to be created for them. Such user involvement can be in form of direct interview, workshop or the designer(s) assume the position of "fly-on-the-wall" as the term goes; other methodology includes: culture probes, ethnography, etc.
Whichever method is adopted, success is close by as long as the interest of the end-user is of primary concern.